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Each accommodation is carefully inspected and rated, using an objective classification form, with 1 to 5 stars. From simple to luxurious. This classification is based on the system of the Dutch organisation ANWB (the leading Dutch motorists and travellers association).

An explanation of the significance of the number of stars:

  • 1 star: Very simple accommodation particularly suitable for people who enjoy the outdoors and are satisfied with a basic comfort level of the house.
  • 2 stars: Accommodation with adequate equipment for the specific demands and customs of the country or region. Ideal for vacationers who want to experience local lifestyle and are satisfied with limited comfort.
  • 3 stars: Well-equipped accommodation provided with everyday comfort. A location that makes you feel at home..
  • 4 stars: Comfortable and atmospheric accommodation with facilities that are giving your holiday that little extra. . Often you get to enjoy the extraordinary view or location
  • 5 stars: Accommodation at the top range. Spacious, extremely comfortable holiday home with luxurious facilities including a private pool or sauna.

Quality-conscious homeowners and managers

Obviously the quality of the holiday property is depends a lot on the quality consciousness of the owner and administrator. This applies to the comfort of home, maintenance and cleaning, but also for the hospitality at the location . Every owner is committed by contract to guarantee that quality. In order to maintain the level, we communicate regularly with homeowners on specific quality issues and improvement suggestions. When confronted with quality defaults we make clear agreements about the required improvements.