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If, upon arrival, the tenant finds any deficiencies, he has to notify the owner or property manager as soon as possible. The owner will take care of the claim. If there is no solution forthcoming, nor to be expected within a reasonable period of time the tenant has to contact Boekjebungalow.

First of all complaints will submit their complaint to the owner or property manager. This gives the owner the opportunity to solve the problem or improve the situation during the stay. If the situation has not been solved satisfactorily the tenant has to submit a complaint to Boekjebungalow within 2 months after the final day of the rental period.

Within 14 days after filing your complaint, you will receive a written response.

If it is not possible to inhabit the property involved for a reasonable cause, Boekjebungalow will offer similar accommodation. If the tenant agrees, the right to restitution or compensation for damage will expire.

If the tenant leaves without any further notice to BoekjeBungalow, and without offering the owner the opportunity to solve the complaint, Boekjebungalow is not required to reimburse any damage or expenses.

Complaints of general nature for example, about service, website or the company can be done writing. Via mail: or by mail to:, Bouwstraat 3, 7731 CP Ommen, The Netherlands.
You will receive a response within 14 days.

If you feel your complaint has not been solved to your satisfaction, you could submit your complaint to ‘de Geschillencommissie Thuiswinkel’. Therefore we refer to: