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Thuiswinkel Trustmark

Team is certificated with a Thuiswinkel Trustmark.

We are proud to mention that we are granted with a Thuiswinkel Trustmark certificate. This means that Boekjebungalow is certified by the Thuiswinkel Trustmark Certification Foundation for her current working method and conditions she uses. The conditions are audited annually for compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the conduct of Thuiswinkel Trustmark of

Boekjebungalow has been certified on 07 september 2010, for the first time. This offers consumers a reliable and secure way of online shopping. This certification ensures the consumer the following 5 securities:

  1. You know with whom you're doing business with. You know with certainty how and at which address you can contact us.
  2. Our terms are consistent with the terms of the consumers' association.
  3. Your personal data will be left behind in a secure web environment that has been provided with an SSL certificate (clasp).
  4. Your personal data will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
  5. Your personal data and payments are being processed in a secured web environment.
  6. You have the possibility to make an appeal to an independent complaints mediation.

More information about the Thuiswinkel Trustmark.