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  • I have a question about an accommodation

    At our website we have a lot of information about the accommodations we offer to you. Besides all this information it's possible that you'll have one specific question. Ofcourse you can ask us. You can fill in the contact form and you'll get an answer from us. Very important is that you appoint the name of the accommodation, when you don't appoint the name we don't know about which accommodation is goes.
    It's also possible to send your questions through the 'most asked questions'. Again it's important you name the name of accommodation (where, which park, with how many persons). If we have all this information we can send you the correct answer.

  • First the accommodation was free and suddenly it isn't anymore?

    We found the perfect accommodation. The accommodation was free and the price was acceptable. Because we're with more people we discussed at the second stap in the bookingsform.When we filled in the complete page the accommodation was suddenly not longer available. Is this right? How is this possible?
    When you're waiting to long with completing the bookingsform the system can automaticly block the accommodation. This is to prevent double bookings for the same period for the same accommodations. After 10 minutes the system will give the accommodation for free again. So the solution is to wait a few minutes when the accommodation isn't free anymore. When it takes to long you can also call or e-mail us and we can check for you if the accommodation is still free or not.

  • What is the lowest price guarantee?

    This means that the prices listed on the website the lowest price currently on the market.

  • Are the cleaning required and what are the costs involved?

    The costs of cleaning the property are differently. For each property is indicated on the pricing page if the cleaning costs are inclusive or exclusive. And what about those costs. Usually the cleaning required and the charges should be paid upon arrival. At some accommodations you can choose to clean the accommodation by yourself. Or choose the owner takes care of  the cleaning. You can do this in consultation with the owner / operator. In all cases, the accommodation has to be clean (dishes washed, cleaned, trash taken away, etc..). If the accommodation is not clean the costs incurred will be deducted from the deposit or may be an additional charge.

  • The price isn't correct!!!!

    Sometimes it's possible that the price isn't correct. Exsample's of this are double costs as bookingscosts or there isn't discount in the price which has to be in it. For you, but also for is this very bleak. We like to know all the mistakes you see during the process of making a booking, when we know this we can change it. We make test bookings every day to appear mistakes. We appreciate it when you send the mistakes to us through the contact form. If you'll do this you help making a better website.

    You will get offered the right price through us of course.

  • What is agri-tourism?

    What is agri-tourism?
    Agri-tourism is  mostly located in Italy. You stay in a apartment building, usually located in a (restored) farmhouse in a rural setting. The farm has or had connections with the agricultural sector, such as the cultivation of olives and sunflowers and keeping livestock.

    The apartments have different degrees of care, from simple to luxurious. Here you usually access a shared pool.

  • I can't book the groupsaccommodation Fort Doyards 81.

    I want to book the groupsaccommodation Fort Doyards for 75 persons. But i get a report that it's not possible. Why is this?
    It's right that you get a report, but we have your booking in our e-mail with the data from you. We will contact you by e-mail or telephone to round off the booking.

  • How does the extensive searchfunction work?

    At the website of you can use the extensive searchfunction. You can find this function under the PINK BUTTON at the home page. When you push this button you'll see many possbilities. You can choose per country, kind of accommodation, provence, number of persons but also the different facilities. At your right you'll see how many accommodations there are under your terms. Right under you can bush the button 'see all bungalows' to see all the posibilities in your screen.

  • Right of Withdrawal does not apply

    According to the general terms and conditions of the 'Thuiswinkel Waarborg' it is not possible to apply the Right of Withdrawal at accommodations. This means that after making a booking this booking is permanent.

  • Bring your dog. Is this possbile?

    On holiday with your dog. Boekjebungalow offers many holidays for you and your dog. In the text of the accommodation i choose stands that it's possible to bring my dog. But, when i want to book it i can't fill in that i will bring my dog. What do i have to do now? Well, you can book the accommodation and in the remark field you can name that you will bring your dog also with you. We will change the booking for you, and than in the affirmation of the booking you'll see the right price and ofcourse it also says you can bring your dog.

  • The period is still available, but i can't make a reservation? How is this possbile?

    You have found a nice accommodation at our website. Under the button 'prices' is the period you want to book the accommodation also still available (green). At the moment you push the pink button 'Book directly' and you go to the bookingsform you'll the next report: Helaas is het niet mogelijk om dit object te reserveren in de aangegeven periode. Probeert u het opnieuw of neem contact met ons op. How can you explain this? The period you wanted to book is just booked by someone else and it's not available anymore. To be sure you can send us an e-mail and we can check it at the owner.

  • I have got a promotional code. How do I activate the code?

    A comments field passes when you make a reservation online. You can change the promotional code. If the booking is received on the reservations department, this code processing. On the confirmation you receive, you can see that the action is resolved.

  • Are the prices inclusive VAT?

    All the prices at our website are inclusive the VAT.

  • During reservate the accommodation i see a white screen. What's the matter??

    You found a nice accommodation and you want to reservate it. During the first step in the bookings form you see a white screen. This is bleak. This can mean that the so called 'cache' is full. By pushing the F5 button you can empty the 'cache'. You can try to make the reservation now again.

    If this doesn't work you can call us, so we can make the reservation for you.

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